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Skin Doctors: More Than Skincare

Skin Doctors

For those wanting something more from their skincare without resorting to cosmetic surgery Skin, Doctors are a great solution. This award-winning brand of cosmeceuticals offers powerful skincare products with the power to treat everything from ageing skin and blemishes to redness and pigmentation.

Why Skin Doctors products work so well

Skin Doctors use cutting edge science and research from skin specialists around the world to develop products that really work. As a result, their products are cutting edge too. They solve skincare problems other brands simply can’t, acting as a bridge between skincare and surgery by working at a cellular level.

Getting the most out of their products

Skin Doctors products contain active ingredients proven to produce real, long-lasting, results, quickly. They’re designed to work together to achieve the maximum effect using an approach they call ‘layering’.

Layering starts with the PH Balancing Cleanser, which removes make-up and unclogs pores. It contains lactic acid that breaks down dead skin cells and avocado extract to keep skin nourished and hydrated.

The PH balance of the cleanser makes it ideal for every skin type. After this, however, you should use the solution designed for your skin problems. For example, Beelift works well for sagging and ageing skin. It contains bee venom as well as Manuka Honey and their trademarked collagen treatments Trylagen and Hyadisine. As a result, it makes the skin think it’s been stung (without the pain), lifting and tightening face muscles instantly.

Other treatments include Gamma Hydroxy for skin resurfacing (think microdermabrasion), SD White & Bright for skin brightening, Relaxaderm Advance for fine wrinkles and Capillary Clear for broken capillaries. Whatever your skin concerns, or improvement you’d like to make, Skin Doctors offer an effective solution.

Which means, whatever your skincare concern, there really is a Skin Doctors product to suit your needs. Check out the full range here, available to purchase today.

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