Hyalual Redermalisation

​Hyalual Rederm is a Redermalization treatment made by Hyalual® Institute. Xela Rederm introduces hyaluronic acid and succinate into your skin cells and provides a powerful visual anti-age effect and a long-term result. Effectiveness of this new generation injectable anti-age product is proven by clinical studies, which show the dramatic improvement in the appearance of your skin.


  • Administered by trained practitioners
  • Safe and medical environment
  • Can be offered as part of a bespoke treatment plan



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What is a Hyalual Redermalisation ?

A unique anti-ageing product, REDERM has a greater effect compared to other techniques because of the unique combination of hyaluronic and succinic acid, which together give a longer lasting treatment with amazing results.

Great for: Face, Neck, Decollette, Hands and Body

Summary of Your Treatment

Procedure TimeProcedure Time
60 minutes

Full RecoveryFull Recovery

Back To WorkBack To Work
Same Day

From 3 Days

Topical applied to the skin

Risks & ComplicationsRisks & Complications
Maybe mild redness

*Results may vary from person to person

Further Information

Here is some further information about the treatment or procedure that may be helpful for you to choosing whether this treatment is right for you and your needs. If you want to find out more contact our team or visit our clinics.

Hyalual Redermalisation is suitable for a variety of skin types, including sensitive skin. This treatment is particularly helpful for those with UV damage or whose skin has been aged by repeated sun exposure.

No, you should not feel any pain from this treatment as we will use a local anesthetic cream.

Your Treatment  takes approximately 60 mins

Immediately after your treatment you will notice a difference in your skin, but as the results are progressive, you can expect to see a significant difference over time, as you finish your course of treatment.

For the best results, we generally recommend a course of 3 treatments, however we will always advise you on this at your first consultation.

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