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AQ Skin Solutions: Effective Skincare From Stem Cell Technology

AQ Skin Solutions

Are you looking for a skincare regime that reduces the signs of ageing and leaves you with skin that’s renewed and rejuvenated? Look no further than AQ Skin Solutions, an innovative range of products that repairs the DNA damage that causes fine lines, wrinkles and sagging, dull, skin. So, what product is the right match for you?

Why AQ Skin Solutions Work So Well

Based out of California, the brand uses patented stem cell technology and human growth factors to create skincare products that work. These are the same proteins that our body loses as we age. By including them in their products, they can reverse the signs of ageing, transforming the skin’s cells to their younger state. As a result, the skin is firmer, smoother, and tighter.

Those looking for younger skin should start with their GF Active Serum. Used daily for six weeks, it reduces roughness and pigmentation as well as wrinkles and age spots. Using the Intensive Moisturizing Repair Mask once a week alongside the serum will increase levels of collagen and elastin.

Much More Than Skincare

As well as skincare, AQ Skin Solutions use the same technology to produce products for your hair and body. Their GF Advanced Hair Complex +, for example, prevents hair loss and improves hair quality by restoring the hair’s stem cells to their previous healthy condition, leaving them silky and smooth.

Endo Test, meanwhile, is a hormone-free solution that naturally boosts testosterone levels – something that drops in men and women as they age. By using this serum every day, testosterone levels increase, helping to reduce painful menstrual cramps, low bone density, thyroid problems and weight gain.

Thanks to cutting edge science AQ Skin Solutions can make a huge difference to how you look and feel. Find out more and find your perfect products by visiting our online store today.

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