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VI Derm TCA Peel Birmingham: The Ultimate Complexion Booster

VI Derm TCA Peel Birmingham

There is little more frustrating than a dull, tired complexion. For some, no matter what you try, nothing seems to brighten the skin or restore its former beauty. This is often because the skin has become clogged, aged and damaged over time. If you are wondering how to revive your complexion, then look no further than our VI Derm TCA Peel Birmingham.

What Is The VI Derm TCA Peel Birmingham?

Skin peels have been around for a while, and because of their impressive results, they are growing in popularity. This VI Peel brings the next generation in chemical exfoliants, and so is a facial treatment unlike any other. The chemical peel is ideal for treating scarring, acne and uneven skin tones. Because it encourages collagen growth, it can help to reverse signs of ageing and treat sun-damaged skin. The VI Derm TCA Peel Birmingham uses acids and vitamins to encourage your body to produce collagen. The top layer of skin is refined, leaving glowing, radiant and smooth results.


The popular treatment at Natural Complexions takes less than 30 minutes with no recovery time so you can get on with your day. Results are instant, and for most complexions, just one treatment is enough. The skin peel dramatically improves sensitive skin and may help with Rosacea, Eczema and psoriasis. Because of the gentle nature of the treatment, there should be no pain, but some patients experience mild discomfort.


Here at Natural Complexions, our VI Derm TCA Peel is administered by our trained practitioners. All treatments take place in a safe and medical environment in our Birmingham salon. Because we understand the importance of choosing the right options for your unique skin, we offer all patients a free consultation.


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