HYABELL® COSMETICS – making your skin smooth and radiant

Based on having many years of extensive experience in manufacturing  HA dermal fillers with special technology, Adoderm has developed a new concept of skin care products for home use. An intact skin barrier as well as a proper balance of skin moisture promotes a beautiful complexion.

HYABELL® COSMETICS combines these properties in an innovative range of products for effective skin care:

Over 14 years of experience in hyaluronic acid technology

  • Innovative concepts combined with high-quality ingredients
  • Suitable for different skin types
  • Studies for proven efficacy
  • For daily care
  • After an aesthetic treatment

HYABELL® COSMETICS combines different innovative technologies to get a smooth and radiant skin With the specifically developed MPT technology, Hyaluron  can bind more water to fill up fine lines, for an improvement of skin hydration and as well to give a radiant complexion to your skin. The balanced content of high- and low-molecular Hyaluron protects the surface of the skin, penetrates better into the deep epidermis  dermis and stimulates different processes of the multi-levels of the skin.Conventional creams can negatively affect the function of the skin barrier. After washing off the cream, the skin is drier than before

HYABELL® COSMETICS product range contains moisturizing and high dosage ingredients. Their structure Enables a protection of the skin as well as providing boosting and elasticity features.

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