Jan Marini Age Intervention Line

The Jan Marini Age Intervention line delivers unique and patented technologies to tackle the problems of aging. Over time, from as early as our mid-twenties, our skin begins to change. Typical changes will include a decrease of fat content which highlights facial contours, thinning of the dermis and reduction of skin elasticity. Whilst it is not possible to physically turn back the clock, innovative skincare products such as Jan Marini Age Intervention, can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, under-eye circles and discolouration.

Age Intervention skincare products have been designed around key concepts, to tackle the various problems associated with ageing skin. These breakthrough anti-aging products target the two critical areas of skin aging – hormonal changes and cumulative sun exposure.

As females age, hormone levels decrease and this reduction in oestrogen results in a lower moisture content in the skin, which exacerbates fine lines and wrinkles. Lower hormones levels can also be blamed for changes in collagen production and pigment cells.

Being exposed to the sun over the years can also have an impact on the skin as it ages, impairing immune function and triggering free radical activity.

One of the ways to combat the signs of ageing caused by hormonal changes and skin exposure is to make Jan Marini Age Intervention skin care products a part of your regular skin care regime. Products such as Age Intervention eye cream or Dark Circle Eye Defense tackle the specific area around the eyes, whereas the gentle cleanser and regeneration booster can be used all over the face to recapture the skin’s normal hormonal balance.

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