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Why You Need the AQ Ultimate Facial Treatment

AQ Ultimate Facial Treatment Birmingham

We all want to look our best, no matter what age we are. Unfortunately, the older we get, the harder it can be to hold back the hands of time. Fine lines and wrinkles appear around our eyes, for example, and the skin on our faces becomes less radiant. When this happens, thoughts can turn to expensive, and potentially risky, cosmetic procedures.

Thankfully, however, there are other options, including the AQ Ultimate Facial Treatment Birmingham, a non-invasive procedure proven to improve the tone, texture, and overall appearance of your skin.

At Natural Complexions, we offer this innovative and safe procedure at our salon.

What Is The AQ Ultimate Facial Treatment Birmingham?

The AQ Ultimate Facial Treatment Birmingham is a form of micro-needling, one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures in the UK. Using the AQ DermaStamp tool, it delivers a unique combination of active ingredients into the skin using micro-fine needles. The needles ensure the ingredients reach into the dermis, the parts of the skin responsible for keeping it firm and youthful.

As a result, the treatment works quickly, repairing DNA and revealing skin that looks and feel younger, firmer, and fresher. In addition, studies show that the AQ Ultimate Facial Treatment can help to improve the texture of the skin. It can reduce the visible signs of acne, for example, as well as scars and skin pigmentation.

Booking Your Facial Treatment

An AQ Ultimate Facial Treatment is gentle enough for every skin type and takes around 45 minutes. Once done, there is some redness, though this should disappear within two to three hours. You will see results straightway, but it takes up to three weeks for the full effects to appear.

To find out more, or book a free consultation, contact the team today on 01564 824114 or use the quick contact form.



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