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AQ Skin Solutions


Over time, skin becomes tired and dull looking, and signs of ageing will begin to show. As you age, your skin will stop being able to rejuvenate as quickly as it used to and your collagen and elastin levels will begin to decrease. AQ Skin Solutions have produced a range of skin care products to help fight the inevitable signs of ageing. Dr Ahmed Al-Qahtani develops the range and is curated using specialist technology on Growth Factors (GF) to renew and repair skin.

Growth Factors are found within the cells in the human body, with a large amount in the skin and hair cells. Regular use of the ingredients found in AQ Skin Solutions products will encourage cell renewal. Use can result in a more youthful looking complexion. Below are our specialists’ favourite picks from the AQ Skin Solutions product range:

AQ Moisturizing Repair Mask

This is an intensively moisturising repair mask that mimics the effects of a salon facial at home. It is the perfect product to use for skin care maintenance in between AQ GFIT facial treatments. The AQ Moisturising Repair Mask is a deeply nourishing and hydrating hydro-gel mask. It is packed full of AQ’s patented Growth Factor formula. Your skin will benefit from increased cell and blood vessel production, as well as elastin and collagen production. This will leave your complexion youthful, healthy and radiant.

AQ Skin Solutions GF Lash

It isn’t just your skin that can show signs of ageing, but lashes can also become dull and tired over time. The AQ Skin Solutions GF Lash serum is naturally formulated to restore the health and vitality of your eyelashes and eyebrows. The Growth Factor technologies will naturally encourage hair matrix production. Consequently, will result in longer, fuller eyelashes and brows. This revolutionary product comes with 30 disposable applicators. This will avoid multi-dipping, that is known to introduce unwanted microbes into lash products.

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